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まゆみさんとは昨年某旅行会社を通じて知り合い意気投合、次のバンクーバーはまゆみさんにプランニングしてもらおうと決めていました。年令が近いのでこの年齢を考えたプランニングをしてくれることを期待して。若い学生のように身体はそんなにタフではありません。そのうえ、人生経験ふんでしまうと彼らとは違う観光を希望したりと。私の友人もそれなら一緒にいきたいと二人旅となり。着いて実際は期待通り以上でした。ホームステイ先や観光案内、初日の学校への付き添いなど細かなところまで心遣いがされていて大変たすかりました。また時々に状況把握で訪ねてきては話を聞いてくれました。 さて、学校ですがとても良い学校で、たくさんの学生が学んでいるところと聞いていた通り、真剣にしっかり教えてくれました。英文法も英語で説明を理解したりと。今までにない経験のなかで英語環境に違和感なく過ごせるようになれたのには驚きました。とにかくクラスメイトが優しい。自然に友人となり学習面でお互いに助け合うこともしばしばあり、学びは年齢関係ないことを肌で感じることができた貴重な時間でした。  放課後は帰宅途中にあちこち見てまわり現地の買い物をカナダドルで支払いなど生活に密着した毎日。それが英語環境の中で英語を使うことだと改めて感じました。またボランティアを希望すると施設を紹介していただけるので、私の場合は日本語学校に行く機会を得ることができました。 子育てを離れ、自分の時間ができたとき、思い切ってきて良かったと心からそう思います。 帰国後はさらに英語力を磨いて来年の留学に備えます。 まゆみさん、また来年もどうぞ宜しくお願いいたします。 じゅんこ I would like to share my experience while I was in Vancouver.

I was in my fifties when I decided to study English again ever since I left school many years ago. Actually, I never thought about going abroad to attend a foreign school studying this language at my age.

The great opportunity came to me when I discovered Mayumi, whom I met last year when I came to Vancouver. As a preschool teacher, I was attending a child-care assistant program and Mayumi was the person in charge of my program.

Mayumi was very caring and kind. Because I really enjoyed my stay and experience in Canada, I had already started thinking about coming back to Canada again the following year.

Earlier this year, I contacted Mayumi to request a special program for me. I knew she would understand my desire and make a well-planned travel plan for me. Her travel plan also attracted the attention of my friend, and she as well joined to my trip.

I have to say that Mayumi’s service was beyond my expectation. She carefully selected schools and introduced a wonderful host family to me whom all of my class members were very envious of.

In regards to English Language School, I was very satisfied with the quality of the curriculum and the teaching staff. All of my classmates were very generous and helpful.

I realized that age does not matter when people want to learn a new language. I was motivated by the younger people in my class and I really enjoyed studying with them.

As a wife and mother, working full-time played a factor and it was not easy to come to Canada for two weeks to study English; however, I am very glad that I came to Canada this time.

I was exposed to such wonderful teachers and classmates while attending. Moreover, my host family shared and showed the way of Canadian life and culture, something very enjoyable and I will never forget it.

I appreciate Mayumi for giving me this opportunity to such a great experience. I will be coming back to Vancouver again next year. Thank you. Junko

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